Mechanics Lien & Payment Disputes

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mechanics Lien & Payment Disputes

In 1990, Leon began his law practice specializing in Mechanics Liens. He is now recognized across the country as the expert in Nevada lien law, licensing, and regulatory compliance.

Regardless of your Construction Industry role, you are either making payments for contracted work or expecting payment for your work. Nevada’s laws regulating how contractors are paid and when contractors’ lien rights are implemented are complex, tedious and always confusing. Mead Law Group lawyers understand these Mechanic’s Lien laws; educate their clients about compliance and can guide your team successfully through their requirements. Mead Law Group Lawyers are Nationally recognized for their understanding of:

- Construction Contract Rights
- Prompt Payment Requirements
- Mechanics Lien, Stop Notice and Bond Enforcement and Defense
- Payment / Lien Waiver and Release
- Collection and Indemnity Rights
- Payment Performance Bond Claims

Mead Law Group can protect your rights and your project, whether you are paying for the work, or looking to get paid for it.