Administrative Law • Licensing • Regulatory Compliance
Las Vegas, Nevada

Administrative Law • Licensing • Regulatory Compliance

Like many professions, Construction is subject to government regulation. Contractors must be licensed, Designers must be Registered, and obtaining such a license / registration can be confusing, time consuming, and difficult. But working without the required license or registration can lead to loss of work, administrative citations and even jail time. The Mead Law Group can help you avoid all of that. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of clients obtain their licenses and registrations and comply
with the regulations that govern the construction professions.

Sometimes even the best preparation cannot avoid a consumer license complaint, or an administrative investigation. Regulatory and licensing authorities routinely investigate regulatory breaches and issue administrative citations. You do not want to face a complaint or investigation alone. Your business depends on the success of your defense, and the success of your defense depends on the experience and ability of your legal counsel. Mead Law Group lawyers have successfully defended their clients through licensing complaints, administrative citations, and criminal complaints. We can help you too.