Contract Negotiation
Las Vegas, Nevada

Contract Drafting, Review, Negotiation, Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Well thought out and drafted contracts are critical for the success of your business. They result in more successful projects, mitigate and manage risk, and create long term mutually beneficial relationships between the parties.

But construction has its own language. Construction language fluency is vital to construction contract negotiation. We understand the difference between a Baseline Schedule and a 3-Week Look Ahead. We get the nuance between a Lump Sum, Cost Plus, and GMax/GMP contract. We understand Prevailing Wage / Davis-Bacon compliance. We know what RFIs, CORs, PCOs, EWOs, EWAs, PICs, ASIs, TCOs and COOs are. We recognize Delay, Disruption, Acceleration, Impact claims and Cardinal Changes. We have watched the havoc of Trade Stacking and Out of Sequence work, and their Ripple Effect on a Project schedule. We have dealt with an Owner and/or Contractor consuming all the Float in a Critical Path schedule activity; Recognize that a Milestone missed results in Substantial Completion date slippage. We know the difference between a Punch List and a Warranty claim, and the distinction between Substantial Completion and Actual Completion. We have enforced rights and defended clients in Indemnity, Surety and Insurance claims. We’ve been there. We’ve done that.

Using this experience helps Mead Law Group lawyers negotiate and prepare construction contracts for nearly every type of project, using nearly every type of delivery method and payment strategy. Whether you are an Architect / Engineer / Designer dealing with a complicated RFI response; a Material Supplier navigating between customer purchase orders and your invoices; a Subcontractor submitting a lump sum bid for specific work; a General Contractor wrestling with a GMP proposal; a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) performing preconstruction and value engineering, or an Owner / Developer / Municipality considering the right delivery method for your next project, Mead Law Group lawyers have been there. We can help.