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About Us

About Mead Law Group LLP

The Mead Law Group was established with one purpose in mind: To exceed evolving client expectations in the new construction business economy. Our business approach is focused on you, the client, not on billable hours, hourly rates or over-processed work product. In today’s business environment, clients need lawyers who possess specific expertise, common sense, and business savvy.

The Mead Law Group meets these needs by keeping its overhead in check, its fee structures simple, and customer service as its top priority. See for yourself what client-focused service can mean to your business success.

Our Services

Construction Law: 

Construction and Development can be complicated. Even the simplest renovation projects involve multiple contractors, suppliers, government inspections and permits; Not to mention the complex laws that govern them. With over a quarter century of construction industry focus, the Mead Law Group provides Big Law “know-how” and small firm focus to your project. We take time to get to know your business. We provide solid and affordable legal support. Whether your company is facing the most challenging contract dispute or trying to avoid them in the first place, the Mead Law Group has the legal experience and knowledge you need to be successful.

Contracts & Negotiation:

Construction has its own language. Construction language fluency is vital to construction contract negotiation. We understand the difference between a Baseline Schedule and a 3-Week Look Ahead. We get the nuance between a Lump Sum, Cost Plus and Guaranteed Max (GMP) contract. We have labored under a Prevailing Wage or Davis-Bacon Certified Payroll obligation. We have enforced rights and defended clients in Indemnity, Surety and Insurance claims. We have negotiated, evaluated and helped to resolve or obtain RFIs, CORs, PCOs, EWOs, EWAs, PICs, ASIs, TCOs and COOs (yes, we know what those abbreviations mean), Change Orders, Delay, Disruption, Acceleration and Impact claims and Cardinal Changes. We have watched the havoc of Trade Stacking and Out of Sequence work, and their Ripple Effect on a Project schedule. We have dealt with an Owner consuming all the Float in a Critical Path Activity; Watched a Milestone be missed, and watch a Completion date slip. We know the difference between a Punch List and a Warranty claim, and the distinction between Substantial Completion and Actual Completion. We’ve been there. We’ve done that.

Mead Law Group lawyers have helped hundreds of clients negotiate, understand and prepare construction contracts for nearly every type of project, using nearly every type of delivery method and payment strategy. Whether you are an Architect / Engineer / Designer contemplating a changes to a form contract; a Supplier of materials and equipment using purchase orders and invoices; a Subcontractor submitting a lump sum bid for specific work; a General Contractor wrestling with design-assist obligations; a Construction Manager (CMAR) performing value engineering, or an Owner / Developer / Municipality considering a design-build proposal, Mead Law Group lawyers have been there before. We can help.

Mechanics Lien & Payment Disputes:

Regardless of your Construction Industry role, making payment and getting paid can be frustrating. State laws regulating how contractors are paid and when contractors’ lien rights are implemented are complex, tedious and always confusing. Mead Law Group lawyers understand these laws; Educate their clients about them, and can Guide your team successfully through them. Mead Law Group Lawyers are Nationally recognized for their understanding of:

  • Construction Contract Rights
  • Prompt Payment Requirements
  • Mechanics Lien, Stop Notice and Bond Enforcement and Defense
  • Payment / Lien Waiver and Release
  • Collection and Indemnity Rights
  • Payment Performance Bond Claims

Mead Law Group can protect your rights and your project, whether you are paying for the work, or looking to get paid for it.

Public Contracting:

Working with local, state and federal government can be a complex nightmare of statutes, regulations, codes and policies. In many cases, deviating from these in even the slightest way can result in the rejection of your bid, or a bid protest and potential loss of a contract award. Mead Law Group has been on the vanguard of public contracting statutory adoption, interpretation and compliance for many years. Whether you are looking to be qualified as a bidder, certified as a DBE, submitting a public bid, or contemplating a bid protest, our lawyers have the know how to help.

Administrative Law / Licensing / Regulatory Compliance:

Like many professions, Construction is subject to government regulation. Contractors must be licensed, Designers must be Registered, and obtaining such a license / registration can be confusing, time intensive, and difficult. But working without the license or registration can lead to loss of work, administrative citations and even jail time. The Mead Law Group can help you avoid all of that. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of clients obtain their licenses and registrations, and comply with the regulations that govern the construction professions.

But sometimes even the best preparation cannot avoid a consumer license complaint, or an administrative investigation. Regulatory and licensing authorities investigate regulatory breaches and issue administrative citations routinely. You do not want to face such an investigation or complaint alone – your business itself depends on the adequacy of your defense. And Your defense depends on the experience and ability of your legal counsel. Mead Law Group lawyers have successfully defended their clients through licensing complaints, administrative citations and criminal complaints.